River Ridge Living Center

Welcome to River Ridge Living Center

a 120-bed rehabilitation and skilled nursing center located on a magnificent 30-acre property in the quiet residential neighborhood of Amsterdam NY. Here, in our peaceful country-like setting, patients from the Capital Region regain their strength.

With a dedicated subacute care unit, a spacious and modern rehab gym and a wonderful outpatient therapy program, River Ridge is the ideal destination for individuals recovering from a hospital stay.

COVID-19 Virus Updates:

Resident safety is a top priority for River Ridge Living Center. Every resident should have a clean, safe living environment. We agree that the spread of this novel virus is a critical issue that requires attention. Our goal is to try and keep the virus out of the facility, and if it is found in the facility, to minimize the spread to anyone else.

To prevent the Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) from entering our facility, River Ridge Living Center has taken the following measures:

  • We have reviewed and updated our infection prevention and control policies and procedures, as this is key to preventing coronavirus and other common viruses.
  • We are ensuring that our staff and residents are practicing proper hand hygiene.
  • We have a trained infection preventionist who, along with the Medical Director, Administrator, and Director of Nursing are working together to manage facility risk assessment for this and other infections.
  • We are reminding all employees who are sick to stay home.
  • We are now OPEN to visitation! We are in very close communication with local and state health officials to ensure we are taking the appropriate steps. Loved ones can also communicate with residents by using video chat, calling, texting, or checking in on social media.
  • We are screening all employees when reporting to work to ensure that they are symptom-free.
  • We have reviewed our emergency communication plan.
  • We are following the same infection prevention procedures used during flu season: handwashing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, covering coughs, and disinfecting the environment.
  • We ask that family members make sure we have the most current emergency contact information, so we can continue to keep them informed should there be any new developments.
  • We have restricted resident appointments outside of the facility to those that are of clinical necessity.

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