Welcome to the Cardiac Rehab Program at River Ridge, where your heart health is our top priority.

Our Cardiac Rehab Program offers a standard of care that exceeds expectations, providing a foundation for recovery after cardiac surgery. Aside from our own staff of caring and experienced professionals, we collaborate closely with community doctors to ensure seamless follow-up care.

What We Offer:

Cardiac Rehab

Individualized Care:

Your journey to heart health begins with personalized 
care tailored to your specific needs. Our team is dedicated 
to providing comprehensive support post-cardiac surgery.

Seamless Follow-up:

River Ridge emphasizes a collaborative approach to cardiac
care. We coordinate with your community doctor for specialized follow-up, ensuring continuity and consistency in your treatment plan.

Post-Surgery Support:

Our cardiac program is designed to accommodate cardiac patients 
after surgery, offering a supportive environment conducive to recovery. From monitoring vital signs to rehabilitation exercises, we focus on your holistic well-being.

At River Ridge, we believe in empowering our patients through education. Our Cardiac Rehab Program places a significant emphasis on educating patients about maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle. From dietary choices to exercise regimens, we equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions for a healthier life.

Beyond medical care, our Cardiac Program embraces 
a holistic approach to recovery.

We understand that a healthy lifestyle contributes significantly 
to heart health, and our team 
is committed to guiding you on 
this journey.

Your Heart, Our Priority

At River Ridge, our Cardiac Rehab Program is more than just a set of procedures; it’s a commitment to your heart’s well-being.
 We invite you to experience the warmth of our care, where each heartbeat is a testament to our dedication to your health. 
Discover a path to cardiac wellness at to River Ridge Living Center Rehabilitation & Nursing.

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