Welcome to our Wound Care program at River Ridge, where we take pride in our exceptional success rate in treating wounds.

Our dedicated wound specialist conducts rounds weekly, ensuring that your wound healing journey is met with expertise and personalized attention.

What Sets our Wound Care Program Apart:

Expert Wound Care Oversight:

At River Ridge, your wound care is overseen by a 
dedicated wound doctor or nurse who rounds weekly 
to assess your progress. This hands-on approach 
ensures that your treatment plan is continuously 
adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Specialized Equipment:

Understanding the importance of a conducive healing
environment, we provide air mattresses to enhance 
your comfort and support the healing process. 
Additionally, our program is equipped to accommodate patients requiring wound vacs, utilizing advanced 
technology for optimal wound care.

Treatment Plans:

Every wound is unique, and so is our approach. Our
team tailors individualized treatment plans based on 
the specific characteristics of your wound, ensuring 
a targeted and effective healing process.

A Collaborative Approach:

Our team works in conjunction with the wound 
care specialist to provide seamless, effective, and
сompassionate care.

Remarkable Success Rate 
in Treating Wounds:

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the 
positive outcomes we achieve in wound healing.

At to River Ridge Living Center Rehabilitation & Nursing, our Wound Care program is not just
about treating wounds; it’s about restoring your well-being.

Wound Care

Experience the difference of a program that combines expertise, compassion, and advanced technology to promote successful wound healing. Your journey to renewed health starts here, at River Ridge.

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